Auditions Tonight

Well, we now have an actor in the family!

Paxton did good at the audition. She got a little shy on me??!! She got embarrassed at times and didn’t want to say a few of the lines with “feeling”.
The Director said everyone would be in the play in some manner. We have to wait till Friday to call and find out what part she was cast for. If she gets a part, it will be “Patticake” the youngest child of 8.
Otherwise she will be a supporting character of some type.

It really doesn’t matter to Paxton. She just wants to perform. All I know is … it’s gonna be a LOT of work and rehearsal time for the next two months. 3x a week till show time.

The play is about the Walton family at Christmas. It’s the Homecoming.
It will be December 5, 6, 7 held at our High School Forum. So everyone mark your calendars.


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