Auditions & Play update

Paxton was chosen to play Mary and she will also be a child in a “town scene”. The Mary part has only four lines, which she is supposed to sing…. we’ll see about that??? The young boy that plays Joesph, sings his lines and her lines are a response to him and the second time they are a response to the crowd. I don’t know the tune the lines are from, so I have not been any help to her on this.
The “town scene” she will have to accept a gift from the City Lady.
At home she is excited she will be on stage twice and will have two costumes, at rehersal she’s “nervous”.

She is begining to feel a bit more comfortable with the other cast members. She REALLY wants to be friends with two of the other younger girls. They are several years older than Pax, but are very sweet to her. Pax doesn’t seem to think or notice there is an age difference.

It may be that I end up in the play too!!?? They need a few more extras for church members and towns people….. those are the two scences Paxton will be in, so it may help/encourage her too. We’ll see…..


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