Planting a Tree

At least I know Pax is learning something from school…..

We had studied about planting and seeds earlier…. yesterday we found a Magnolia seed pod. We talked about how it was opening and different stages some of the ones on the tree were in, how the seeds were attached etc… She picked it up and carried it with her. When we got home she decided she would plant.

Ok, I resigned, go plant…..

I did have to go get a shovel for her after several attempts using a play cooking spoon, sand shovel and a few other odd play shovels did not produce satisfying results for her.

Here is the hole she dug on her own! Yeah….

Then next of course you add your seed.

Then is is vital that you come back inside and “get the special water can Mrs. Vicki gave me.”
NO other vessel would suffice to water this special seed.

Next you cover the seed and it is ready to grow.

Teachers note: Maybe next time location of planting should be part of the lesson.

Pax is not totally convinced that three steps off the front porch is a bad location. She feels it is the best location to view it’s growth and have it to sit under. Like the one at the courthouse (where we found the seeds).


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