Terry’s hunting trip.

Terry was invited this Spring to go on a Pheasant hunting trip with
Mike & Zach. He was all for it and began making plans. They went
to Mitchell, SD on the opening week of pheasant season.

As you can see birds were aplenty. They joined a family hunting party and there were about 40 hunters there. They hunted 20 guns at a time and drove the birds. Terry stated that the number of birds in a small area was just unbelievable.

This was not what Rod and Birdy had planned. They were ready to get to the field. They were able to take the dogs out one day and Terry was pleased with the way they worked. Oh to have a week working a dog on that many birds!!
Paxton & I stayed home and held the fort down, but we may have to plan a trip in our near future. Seeing some of the photos with the old house, the Quonset hut barns and old farm equipment, the dirt roads and flat land with NO trees was very reminiscent of our training summer in North Dakota many moons ago.

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