Christmas Season is kicked off at the Harris household.

We have kicked off the holiday season here in our family. We had an awesome visit to see Santa Claus at Bass Pro Shops. That is where he has his cabin and reindeer, you know.

It was a fun evening and was kicked off great when it was raining and traffic was backed up and we got a parking space RIGHT at the DOOR!!! Can you believe it??

We didn’t have to wait long to see Santa and he was very nice. There was an area set up to make a Christmas ornament and write letters to Santa & his special mailbox was there to deliver it to. The store was decorated for Christmas with lots of trees, lights and fake snow and the smell of those cinnamon roasted nuts as you came in the door had you humming carols in no time.

Of course Terry was thrilled to get to shop too and we tooled around the mall looking, had a delicious supper, rode the Carousel and made a special stop at the Hello Kitty Store. Paxton chose a pretty pink wallet. She was in need of this item, now that she has a chore list and is earning her own money each week. She carried it in her purse Sunday and put her giving dollar in it. She was very proud to be able to get it out and contribute her own money from her own wallett.

So now the repeated question is “When are we going to put up our tree??”……


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