We were able to celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving with both our families on Thursday. We met with the Allen family at Aunt Bonnie’s; as has been the tradition for a 100 years now…. the food was wonderful as all the Allen ladies know how to cook and we devoured a roasted turkey and a fried turkey and it was hard to say one was better than the other. My Aunt Gail and cousin Rhonda moved to favored status by bringing requested fresh turnip greens and broccoli salad. The afternoon was pleasant and several of us ate on the back deck and the children took an adventure up to the top of the mountain behind her house. I don’t know what’s up there, I didn’t have the energy or room in my pants to climb!

We scurried from Aunt Bonnie’s to Granny’s house (Terry’s mom), for a dinner meal. The food was great there as well and we had fine fellowship with Terry’s parents and his brother’s family. We got our Christmas lists written and now to find those requested items….

Paxton has been anxious to get the Christmas tree up for some time and since I had no intentions of shopping at the crack of dawn, Friday was tree decoration day. We worked to put up lights outside, since we know we will be having holiday guests this year and I hope my rigging holds. Next was to haul everything out of our attic crawl space…. I did the crawling and Paxton did the hauling. Then the next chore was to LUG the tree out and down stairs. The straighting of the branches didn’t win any awards in Paxton’s patience, but finally it was done and time to start the ornaments.

Not long afterwards, Pax started complaining of her stomach hurting and the next thing I know she was running for the bathroom. Bless her heart, she made it all but two times the rest of the night. For the rest of the afternoon and evening she was sick and miserable. She had started to settle down and was ready for bed. As we were reading her second story, I could feel I was going to be in for a long night…. earlier in the morning Terry started his trek to the bathroom. All day Saturday the three of us just rotated from bed to couch to recliner and around. Finally today we are starting to feel somewhat better. No one yet has to brave much more than dry toast and eggs.

Maybe tomorrow the tree will get finished…..


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