"The Homecoming"

Our debut on stage was a success. Paxton did very well at all FIVE shows! We performed three shows for the public over the weekend and two shows on Monday one for the High School and one for the 3-5th grades. The younger kids were the BEST audience. Paxton and Peyton (young Joesph) got their lines and cues correct each time. They were little PROS.

photo credit Mrs. Barbie Pitts

Paxton is ready for another play. She has even made up her own script to do her own show. It will be a while before we do another show, the next one the HCCT is performing is Steel Magnolias. That will be an adult cast of six women.

The break will be good and give her time to mature even more. She really enjoyed being part of the Theatre ‘family’. (me too!) They were such a great group to include us and welcome us in. I have been eyeballing a few new jobs I want to try for the next show we do…. that would be Line Prompter! lol

We went to see “Oliver” at the Renaissance Center last night and she really like seeing all the children in that cast. Of course, being a musical bumped it up a notch on her favorite list too. And as luck would have it, a ‘crew’ of our friends from ‘The Homecoming’ were there too, so she immediately went to sit with them and was in ‘hog heaven’!


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