Our Family Newsletter
Happy holidays from our family to yours!
(if you didn’t get our newsletter or were looking for
better pictures that what printed out here’s the “blog” version)

Merry Christmas to you all!
What a fun and wonderful time of year this is! Paxton just makes it an even more special time. She is excited about everything: the lights, the presents, seeing Santa everywhere, the holiday shows on TV, the food, the shopping just anything seems exciting and fun to her and she is contagious.
We have enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and are looking forward to time spent with even more of the family over the Christmas Holidays.
We are so blessed and grateful to God for all he provides us with. We wish each of you a prosperous and blessed 2009!

What’s Paxton’s been up to?

Paxton’s dance class operates on a school calendar, so she finished her first year of dance this spring. It was complete with a recital and fancy costume. The dance school is so large they hold the recitals at a local high school and hold three performances. Not everyone performs each show so that helps to keep it short and enjoyable. They danced a ballet to Kermit Frog ‘s the “Rainbow Connection”. She and the other girls did a great job and Paxton learned she loves the stage. A second year of dance started this fall and already she has learned many new steps. She practices regularly.

This summer we took swim lessons with Mrs. Jenny again and now she can dunk her head under the water!

October was birthday number FOUR! We stayed low key this year. Seems as everything just started running together with Fair events, Halloween and such. So we had a small celebration here with everyone in the October Birthday club.

November was filled with rehearsals for her debut on the theatre stage. She was Young Mary and a town person in the Community Theatre’s production of “The Homecoming”. The show was a great hit, with it’s first sellout crowd ever. Now here it is December and Christmas/ Holiday celebrations have our days full.

The days in between have been filled with visits with Mims and Paps, trips to the library, helping me working on the Irish Day and Fair projects, play dates, church events and we have started some informal schooling.


In March, we had a special visit from my niece Jessica and Mattison as they traveled to their new home in Colorado Springs, CO. It was wonderful spring day and we were taking advantage of it by riding our horses. Mattison and I took an unfortunate spill and I ended up in the ER with a dislocated right elbow. It took me the next seven months with therapy 2+ times a week, but I have regained about 95% usage of my arm again. Therapy took up a lot of our time, but Paxton was a trouper and made lots of new friends.

I continue to do volunteer work with the Chamber and with the County Fair and a Tourism and Recreation Committee. We had a five day event this year for the Fair. Whew.. was that a job! But I am proud to say that I came home with the BLUE ribbon on my canned green beans. I took a few ribbons on my quilt tops and jam and salsa, but I was pretty pleased with those green beans; seeing as how there were about nine entries and that was the first batch I had ever canned.

In June, Momma threw me a big shindig for my birthday and I celebrated it with my sister Michele whose birthday is four days later. That was fun. I haven’t had a birthday party in years!

I have managed to sneak a quilt or two in this year and a rug. Every now and then I get to read a book of my own. I love our busy days and am thankful that Terry works so hard so that Paxton and I can spend them together.

My other nieces and nephews are growing so. Hannah spent a weekend with us this fall and she and I took a quilting class together. We both made a “Turning Twenty” quilt top over the weekend. This was her first attempt at piecing a top. She did a great job with her piecing and color selection. Jessica has added to the Kilgore lineage. She and Mattison now have a baby girl born October 28th.


Terry has been working hard this year to keep everything maintained here at home. Seems as if something always needs done. We were able to get someone to cut down the many dead trees in the pasture. Needless to say anytime the wind blew, whichever one was dead closest to the fence was the one to go down. So now instead of fence repair, we have a pasture of dead trees that need cleaning.

In June, Terry had a heart attack; we were all shocked, but looking back all the symptoms were there. He spent several days in the ICU and had a stent put in, with instructions to come back in a few months and see about putting a second stent in. He returned to full duty at work and full force here at home and his follow up visit was great. His blood pressure was fine without his normal meds and cholesterol was ok. So dr. decided a second stent was not necessary. He feels better now than in a long time.

In October, he was invited to travel to South Dakota for opening week of pheasant season. He, a good friend and his son drove out for a great week of hunting. Our freezer is well stocked with game. We haven’t had a deer for the year yet, but not for lack of trying.

That’s the short of it for our year. We have enjoyed the many cards we have received and look forward to hearing from each of you.


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