Holiday Baking

As if we haven’t done enough holiday baking, today we made dough hand prints. You make a quick dough out of flour & salt and then roll it out to make whatever you want really. We made a couple hand prints. I have tried to make a hand print on her birthday each year, but the molds I have been using aren’t large enough anymore, so this served our purpose.

The plan is to decorate & paint them. Of course once they were made she was ready to paint, but you have to bake them and let them dry out…… tooooo long to wait. She’s over it now. Maybe tomorrow I can revive the excitement. Would like to take one to Granny, when we go to her house tomorrow. I will try to post pictures of the finished project later.

We are spending a quite night at home. We had a good fellowship & study with everyone at church tonight. Then home for some supper and watching the festivities on TV. Tomorrow we will spend the day with Terry’s family and eat another delicious meal. We miss not going to the Mountains, but look forward to possilby putting that trip back on the calendar for next year.

We wish you all many blessings in 2009!


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