Dance Recital

If you want to mark you calendar…. Paxton’s dance recital will be May 30th. I assume it will be at the Creekwood High School, in White Bluff.

We got to see the costume this week and it is appropriately FUFFY & COLORFUL!! It is a red & black check number with a Tu too, pillbox hat & gloves. They will do a tap routine this year. It will be to the song “Wait a Minute Mr. Postman”.

So the hard work of practice will begin.

Monday I will call to see if space is available to sign her up for violin/fiddle lessons. We both are excited about that new venture. Let’s just hope gas prices stay below $2. This will mean two trips to Dickson each week.

Haven’t post a picture in a bit, here’s a picture of Pax with her decorated cookie. The kit was a Christmas gift. Her friend Lyrin came over and we did them together.


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