I’ve been taught a fabulous new game!

As we all know, playing games with young children is not always the most fun for the other party. The rules tend to change throughout the game, the direction of play even changes as you go. They usually win, one way or the other.

Today, Paxton taught me a GREAT new game; Cinderella. I’m the ‘evil mother’. Oh, before you cringe…. read on. So I’m this ‘evil mother’ and I have to talk in this mean voice and tell poor Cinderella, aka Paxton, what chores to do. If I tell her to dust, she must dust, if I say sweep, she has to sweep, or laundry or…. you get the idea??

I LOVE this game. I just had to say in my mean ‘evil mother’ voice “dust that room” and away she went to dusting the ENTIRE living room. This game is great!! I got help putting away the laundry and cleaning the bathroom too!!

I hope we play by the same rules tomorrow!!


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