ANOTHER new game.

Pick Up Sticks…..

This game was invented by Terry. It’s not nearly as fun as the Cinderella game Paxton invented. As you know we live in the wooded forest. (or we did) Seems I grew up picking up rocks to clear our pasture & garden area at home, now seems I will end my years picking up an ever array of limbs, just so we can get through the yard and pasture.
Here’s how this game is played…. We had 100+ trees cut around Thanksgiving and we are in crunch mode to get the pasture cleaned up to plant some wheat and get it all done before the Outage starts and Terry is working weekends and late evenings.

  • Step one, Terry goes around, cuts the larger limbs into shorter ones that are approximately the length of the bucket on the front end loader.
  • Step two, he drives the tractor over to the pile and directs me on how to pick up the limbs.
  • Step three, Paxton and I fill up the bucket with limbs, while he sits on the tractor.
  • Step four, he goes across the pasture and dumps it in the burn pile and comes back.

AND REPEAT, he drives back over and we stand on the ground tell him how to drive the tractor and continue to fill up the bucket with more limbs and he goes to dump and it all starts over. He sits on the tractor and tells us how to pick up limbs, we stand on the ground and tell him how to drive! LOL!Never the less it was a very productive weekend. Here is only one of the piles and this was mid-day on Saturday and already taller than Pax. (I didn’t have the energy to go get the camera by Monday afternoon to take more pictures.) It’s a mostly stick pile, the other piles are lots of stumps and limbs. We worked again all day on Monday, since Terry was off then too. Paxton was great help. She might not have picked up the largest limbs, but she was there every step of the way. She worked so hard I agreed to buy her a Princess Thermos mug she has been wanting and hadn’t quite saved up enough money for yet.

Here’s another one of the four piles. This one got much larger after Monday’s work too. Gotta call and get a burn permit. That will be the next chore. Bring your ‘mellows and join us!

Here’s a good shot of the two supervisors on the clean up crew!


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