Pile Reduction Weekend

After a busy weekend last weekend of piling everything up, the weather cooperated and we were able to burn several of the piles. They a still smoldering this afternoon, but are mostly down to a pile of ashes.

Maybe we can finish this next weekend and start the fencing…..and the list goes on!

We are reducing some piles in the house too. I was too embarrassed to take photos.
We (I) have been busy working to get Paxton’s consignment clothes & toys ready to take to a sale tomorrow. I have a huge pile of clothes and two bins full or miscellaneous toys & odds. But quite to my disappointment, when I look back in the room and closet…. well, honestly I can’t miss a thing! There’s still NO room, it’s like the other stuff grew to fill back in any empty space I was trying to gain. There were a few (lost) arguments about keeping some toys. They were all of a sudden the FAVORITE, even though they have not been touched in months. How can I really argue when I am guilty of the same thing…. OK, I tell myself, “I’ll get rid of this XXX”, then I think, “No, I better keep that XXX I might need it”. LOL


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