Bowling Fun

Today we meet up with our friends Wendy and Colton for a delicious lunch at the big Golden Arches and then a game of bowling afterwards.

It is always good to visit with them, because like everyone else, we live so far apart and our schedules are so busy, we don’t get to visit often enough. The children had not bowled before and they had a good time. Paxton seemed to have chosen a very straight shootin’ ball and ended the game with a very good score. We learned a few valuable lessons. Number one: the floor is slick and nubmer two: hang on to that ball; it will hurt when it lands on your toe.

We also learned there is a new tool to use when bowling along with bumpers that will help improve your game.

Of course there is the traditional way. Set her down and shove.

and wait…. Wait…. wait for it to roll to the pins. (look at that straight rolling ball!)
Or you can use this handy dandy rack.

It sure helps speed things along. Though we learned it is not always speed and force that knocks the most pins down.

But either way you do it….. it is exciting to knock a few pins down!!


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