Daylight Saving Time

We are so glad DST is here. It is just now getting dark at 7:30 p.m. and it seems we can get so much more done. It seems that with the longer days and the warmer weather we are MoTiVaTeD.

Terry is in the middle of the outage and is working 6 & 7 days a week for the month of March. Paxton & I worked hard Saturday to get things straightened up outside. We bought some Pansies & Tulips bulbs earlier in the week and got those planted in the flower beds and some flower pots. We washed our truck on the outside and cleaned up Terry’s Bronco on the inside. We also washed the propane tank off and got the coop ready to keep some small chicks. We started to go get them on Saturday, but we didn’t have a light to keep them warm and thought it better to wait. Daddy will bring us a loaner on Tuesday so maybe by Wednesday we will have some new chicks. Hope they integrate well with our older hens.

We spent the day today marking spaces in the streets for the vendors that will arrive for Irish Day. It was a lovely day, Paxton rode her scooter on the sidewalk as I worked. Our work was interrupted several times to visit with folks we know. Seems everyone was out today. We are anxious about the weather for Irish Day. We hope for the best, but anticipate the worst. It will so much fun it the weather will just cooperate. There will be no rest afterwards as plans are already underway for our Fair. The dates have been set for September 24-26. Mark it on your calendar.

After all our hardwork on Saturday, we had a little fun on Sunday by inviting our friend Sarah over. It was fun for Paxton to have someone to play with and fun for me to have someone else to entertain her.


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