Bucket O’ Chicken

Chicken Anyone? We have a bucket full!!

We purchased ten new chicks on Monday and brought them home in a bucket.
Pax and I both are very excited to have the new chicks and look forward to eventually a baker’s dozen of eggs each day. We learned from the young man that sold us the chicks how to sex them. He assured us we had ten hens, I assured him if I had a noisy rooster in the bunch I’d be back!

Pax helped and we converted a small single, dog pen to make a small pen for the chicks to grow in. We will wait till they are much larger before we try to integrate them with the older hens. Paps loaned us a light and they are very snug. I hope the worst of the Spring chills are behind us. We had an escape the first afternoon. Glad Daddy got home a little late, he discovered the renegades and helped us patch the hole.

If you don’t want chicken, maybe we could offer you a few turkey legs? There were 20 turkey feeding close to the pond Monday afternoon. What a wonderful site! I am ready for some fresh turkey breast.


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