Gardening in great Spring weather.

Paxton has asked several times about putting out a garden. After paying $2.50 for about 10 strawberries in a plastic container, I decided we’d get busy. I thought container gardening would be the best way to go. The plan was to make a container for a strawberry bed then maybe another for a few ‘salad items’. As with any project I do, it’s a ever changing plan. We started out planning to use 1/2 of 55 gallon drum barrels, now I have changed that plan and tomorrow we’ll go to the lumber yard and I am going to build a bed….. yeah…. I know… Terry will probably end up having to help, (yeah, he realizes that too), but we are going to give it a good try. At least we’ll have all the materials together for him!

While we were in Dickson on Friday, we got a scoop of top soil. Those of you that live in our area know it has been raining…. so the top soil was slightly damp, but by the time we got loaded and a half mile down the road the rain began again. So our load was heavy mud by the time we got home. Never the less, Saturday we dug on, mixed in some ‘country fertilizer’ and then quickly covered it back up as rains came again late in the afternoon. Monday hopefully we can get our needed supplies and make the new beds that I think will work much better than the barrels, we have to unload the rest of the top soil from our truck. Looks like we better be busy tomorrow, more rain on the way.

So here are a few things I learned while working outside.
(ok, I knew most of them, but it was a reminder day)
1. I have little patience.
2. I have little patience with mechanical tools.
3. If it doesn’t crank on the third pull, there’s a good chance you might find it in the holler next time you look for it.
4. I like dirt, it feels good in your hands.
5. Worms are fun to play with.
6. My mind thinks my back is stronger than what it is.
7. Spring is such a beautiful season and a renewing time.
8. You can’t overlook God in the wonder of Spring and new growth.
9. I like birds.
10. I enjoy the silly songs Paxton sings to herself as she plays.
11. I have a small temperature tolerance. Like between 68F & 72F.
12. Our two dogs are good companions.
13. You can figure out a lot of life’s problems and get a lot of praying done on the lawn mower.
14. I am really lucky that my daughter (for a time, anyway) thinks I am smart and fun to be with.
15. Music peps ya up.
16. Hard labor helps you sleep well.

There are more I’m sure, but these are the thoughts that stand out most.

I will post photos of our container garden once complete. I need to post a few photos of the chicks too. They are growing amazingly fast and eat like hogs! Paxton has been good to get in the pen with them and handle them so they will be tame and easy to handle as they get larger. Feathers are coming in and they even fly a short bit. Look forward to seeing their adult coloring.


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  1. Hannah

    Oh, I love the realizations you came to from being in the garden and being outside. 🙂 They made me smile! I think it’s a wonderful idea to start a garden. Paxton will have good memories from that; I know you will, too! 🙂 I think there is a slideshow of pics, but since I’m on a school computer (lol) I can’t see them. I’ll try to look at them at home soon! :] Love, Hannah

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