Boating Adventure

Finally the weather cooperated and Paps was able to take us fishing on the boat. Pax was ready to go and equipped with a new Barbie life jacket. As you know, we are not a ‘big’ boating family, so it is a process all it’s own for us to get ready to go.

I handled the ‘back’ of the boat duties while Mims put in the essentials (snacks) & Paps saw to the fishing gear. Paps volunteered to back the trailer in the water and the rest of us loaded into the boat. While we were waiting on Paps to come back to the dock we were tolling around the harbor. Once Paps was in, we headed for the ‘honey’ hole. Just as we arrived at the promising area, Pax questioned as to why her feet were wet!! You guessed it! The plug was out. So we went at rapid speed back to the dock. Mims and Pax were bailing with great furry. I made a good attempt to blindly get the plug back in, but no luck, so I sloshed to the truck to get the trailer. Mims and Pax still bailing with great furry. Thanks to the kindness of strangers and fellow fishermen. We were able to get the boat on the trailer and pulled up the dock. Water drained for 20 minutes! We learned the bilge pump wasn’t working and I learned there are four holes in the back of the boat so it was no wonder I couldn’t get the plug in.

Once we drained, we were good to go and headed back out. We worked hard at fishing but didn’t even get a first bite, but we were also lucky and didn’t get tangled too many times either.

Even if we didn’t have a fishing tale to tell, we have a great story and a day Pax and Mims won’t soon forget!


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