Locked Out

Wow, I have needed to blog for about a week and a half now. We have had a lot going on and if I could blog while I drive; well…..

Let’s start with Sunday week ago. It was a dark and rainy Sunday and I planned to do what that type of day was good for … doing NOTHING. I just wanted to take the day and veg. Terry had to work and the rain was predicted for all day. About 1:00 p.m. the rain stopped and I thought I should take advantage of the break in weather to feed the animals. Paxton wanted to ride her Power Wheels and I didn’t want to stop and go back to the house for the battery, so she decided she would to try to go get it. ( She was concerned it was too heavy to carry. )

WHY I don’t know, but she thought the house was locked, so she got the “hidden” key to UNlock the door…. (Can you see where I am going with this?? ) In her attempt to unlock the knob, she LOCKS the deadbolt. Then on her way to return the “hidden” key, she DROPS it through the crack in the slats on the porch. THEN she decides she might need some help and proceeds to yell from the porch steps. Needless to say, we were locked out…. She sat on the porch steps while I finished feeding and did some thinking. She actually came up with some pretty clever ideas. Some of which were too costly (like breaking the window) or which took more effort than I was willing to put forth (like taking up some of the porch so she could fit under to look for the key). But I was really impressed with her willingness and ability to reason out the situation.

Well I decided we’d just learn our lesson and tough it out till Daddy gets home from work. We could stay busy for approximately 2 hours couldn’t we?? Well when Daddy didn’t return on time and an additional 45 minutes had passed; I was READY to get inside. By chance he had left his truck home and I found an old key ring in there that looks like some maintenance janitor’s set from a 100 story building. Finally, after only three keys remaining we struck pay dirt!

But you know, all in all it was a WONDERFUL afternoon. The weather remained pleasant, we worked very hard in our garden (more on this in a minute), we played with our chicks, we took a long walk in the woods and through the pasture. Where I did manage to get a very good case of Poison Oak… so well OK, that part wasn’t so wonderful. We talked a lot about the things we were seeing and touching and hearing and remembered to thank God for all his great creations. Maybe we’ll lock ourselves out again soon. Only this time we’ll have snacks and a drink.


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