Mother’s Day

As with most holidays it seems it takes multiple events to celebrate. I wanted to celebrate with just Pax and Terry, so tonight was my night. I chose to go back to a great Shusi restaurant my friend Lori introduced me to. Dinner was delicious and my family was so gracious to try something new and they LIKED it!! The chop sticks were a hit.

Next they indulged me with a shopping trip to McKay’s Books. It took Pax a bit to coax her to give up a pile of her old books for a new set. Once she realized she was getting some more books, she was all for it. We all found something we were looking for. Terry even found a Chilton type repair book for his year model Bronco. Now that’s Karma! Terry and Pax were great to indulge me an unlimited, uninterrupted shopping amount of time. Not once did anyone say “Can we go yet?”.

I have an awesome family.
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