Bread Baking Day

Now therefore, please, heed also the voice of your maidservant, and let me set a piece of bread before you; and eat, that you may have strength when you go on your way.” 1 Samuel 28:22

In an effort to continue to try to live life more simply and naturally, I have been convicted that I need to start grinding our own flour and making our breads. I need to start this post and say thanks to two ladies. One is Sue Becker of the Bread Beckers. Her message encouraged me to get going on this road that I have been considering for some time; and a BIG thanks to Jane Latsch who unbeknownest to her, has fell into the role of my mentor. I may never meet Sue personally, but luckily Jane is here in my backdoor! We are not usually so lucky to have excellent resources so close at hand and Jane is here in our town.

So trying to model after Carolyn Ingles (you know “Little House on the Prairie”) I want to bake my own bread from nutritious fresh milled grains. But in Martha Stewart style I purchased an electric grain mill and of course I am cooking on an electric stove and even trying to bypass the manual kneading by using my bread machine. So maybe only in small theory is it really Carolyn Ingleish.

To get the most nutrition, you must use fresh milled grains. The instructions to the mill suggested you mill 2 cups the first time to ‘clean’ the machine. WOW!! I had NO IDEA flour could shoot so far across the room!! It was everywhere!! Now more than just the machine needs cleaning!! and I just thought I had dust issues before. Guess I’ll be dusting before my quarterly date! LOL So now I better understand what that marking line on the machine meant—push catching bowl this far back….

Here is Paxton working our first batch of dough. Well that was a BIG STICKY mess, I think mainly because i had forgotten to add the yeast and added too much water.
Batch ONE result: Trash Can

Batch TWO result: Baked in Bread Machine-edible, not necessarily delicious

Here is about the third attempt.

It really was pleasurable to knead the dough (once the sticky went away). I thought we might be on track….
Batch THREE: heavy, but edible

I think this was FOUR; again I tried the Bread Machine.
Batch FOUR; heavy, short and ugly, but again edible

Yeah that’s the 1 1/2 inch mark!

Batch FIVE: BEAUTIFUL, but slightly heavy, better tasting.

End result of all loaves—DELICIOUS– Croutons! No need to let all that work and flour go to waste. Pax helped and we cubed up the loaves and flavored with onion and garlic and toasted for croutons.

I made one final loaf trying a different recipe. This loaf was much lighter in color and texture. I ate a sample slice and decided it was good enough to share with a home bound friend.

Last attempt was at biscuits. Paxton and I made them up, and left them in fridge overnight. None of the recipes “said” you could just bake right then (yeah, not so good for me- refer to gardening post).

We baked them this morning and besides they were the ‘wrong’ color and a different texture. They were delicious!! I think I should get two kudos for this. This is not only the first batch of fresh ground flour biscuits I have ever made— this is the first batch of biscuits I have EVER made. Pillsbury may go broke without me and I think my oven is traumatised after all this baking.

WE all need to rest!- now off to make a salad and use all the croutons 😉


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