Camper Move In Day

We are officially “Camping People” now. We have joined the throngs out by the lake, sweltering in the heat, swatting at the mosquitoes, cooking on the grill, driving golf carts and going to bed exhausted.

Well ok, technically, this first weekend, Pattye did all the cooking, JB grilled and we used their golf cart, but I got the going to bed exhausted part down on my own.

Thanks to the help of Granny and Granddaddy, we are set up and ready for weekends of endless summer bliss at the camper. JB and Terry got the camper backed into our site, stabilized and level in no time. One trip to town and a few supplies later; the plumbing is working fine. After a few attempts at lighting the stove and oven, we puzzled out what and how to do it and we will be able to cook on the next trip.

We have a great “spot”. There is just one camper between us and JB & Pattye which makes it ideal for Paxton. She can walk back and forth unaccompanied, between the two as she pleases. Of course, I am sure that won’t happen much after dark! We are in an older part of the park and have some fabulous trees around us providing shade all day. We also have a ‘front yard’ and delightfully it has little grass. Ok, so maybe I am the only one delighted about that part, but who wants to mow when they get to the camper? Our view out the front of our camper is of a few campers and the lake. Now that I have watched that jet ski go past about 400 times, I am ready to get one myself! I want on the water. Uncle Kenny, Aunt Shonda and gang are just down the path and will provide some entertainment, too.

I have my list of what I forgot and what I need and am ready to start making another pile to take down next weekend. Top on the list this time will be FOOD!

Hope to get some outdoor carpet soon and a table and chairs. Terry will build us some steps so everyone can get in the camper. Paxton can not reach the door and has to crawl up right now.

Some folks take right to camping!
Here’s the kitchen and the little eating table.
It will be just right for a game of cards too.

Yeah, this is the entire kitchen, there’s only about six inches more of counter space that didn’t fit in the photo.

This is our bed on the bottom and Pax’s bed is a bunk above ours. It is not for the faint of heart as it would be impossible for me to climb up there and if you have claustrophobic or coffin issues….. well you’d probably rather sleep in the truck.

And here’s the view. Our ‘patio’ area, in the close foreground, steps leading down to the lower ‘yard’. Yes, all that gravel is the yard, the road is there where the golf cart is going by and the white blob in the background is the lake.

So now we’ll all be saying, “Let’s go camping PA!” (you know, from that commercial?)


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  1. Hattie

    Shannon,I've never been a camper. I guess I like my creature comforts too much. But this looks like it is gonna be Sooooo much fun for your family! Lots of happy, fun times are in store for you all here.Blessings,Hattie

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