4th of July

Hope everyone had a good and safe 4th celebration and took a few minutes to reflect on the meaning of this holiday and how far our country has come or maybe how full circle we are going back too???

We chose to go to the camper and spend time with just us. After half-days preparation and packing we got on the road about mid-morning Friday. The weather was fabulous this weekend. Hard to beleive it was the 4th of July or that Global Warming is occuring. We had a delicious grilled shrimp and scallops dinner and then headed to the marina for a evening of dancing to a live band and a great fireworks show over the bay. Saturday’s weather was just as great and I took Pea and Laken over to the beach area to play in the sand and swim a bit. After lunch the weather was so pleasant and Granny was coming in later in the evening, we decided to spend another unplanned evening. So, I headed back home to care for our zoo of animals here at home and bring back more provisions. I got back to camp in time to eat dinner and then rush to get everything under cover as a storm was rolling in. UGH>.. we were stuck in our camper for the night. Pax went to sleep early and Terry & I passed the night playing rummy. All was safe at the camper, after the storm. Sunday was a day spent not doing much, a little fishing, a little swimming, a little cleaning up then head back to the house. All was well here too, after the storm and after a little garden work, blackberry picking and a few loads of laundry; have found my way to the recliner and all is well with the world again.

So let’s do the 4th of July check list:
1. Grilled
2. Camped
3. Family & Friends
4. Fireworks
5. Swimming
6. Fishing
7. Fresh Vegetables eaten & picked
8. Blackberries picked
9. Skeeter Bites

10. Ate Watermelon
11. Reflected on our Country the GREAT USA and those who have and do serve.

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