What’s been going on?

Not much out of the ordinary has been going on lately here. We have been going to the camper each weekend and from my perspective- it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. Weekend before last it was like a LABOR camp. Friends followed us down and helped us get our Dish Satellite set up. Of course we didn’t have all the needed parts… so we rigged it to the neighbors temporarily. Guess who dug the ditch to bury the cable?? (did you guess me?- you were right) Then this weekend we tried to fix it back correctly … and well… it’s not quite right and we just don’t know what’s missing.

We had a leak in the toilet that took us forever to find. It took two trips to the closest hardware store and still wasn’t the right part for the fix. Thankfully JB went to Clarksville and got the correct part to repair it this weekend. Luckily, no more walks to the bath house.

I gladly helped JB shovel some gravel around his camper to make a nice clean path behind it and this weekend mowed the yard. I am always glad to find an opportunity to do something to help him as he NEVER hesitates to come help me when I need him.

I spent all week at home cleaning some old outdoor furniture. It’s been in our yard here for years and we have never used it really. It was rusted, so I used the grinder to clean it and made some feet to put on the legs so they wouldn’t ‘bury up’ in the yard. That required all of three trips to get needed and correct supplies. I had a hard time getting the right PVC glue and enough paint… kept thinking it would go farther than it did. So for about $50 I have a nice patio table at the camper. Pattye, Paxton & I enjoyed eating breakfast on it Saturday morning.

There’s also a leak in the roof. Yeah, at this point we haven’t found the energy to address that one yet.

Here’s camp now with our carpet, a fab bench Momma got us that will
store some outside items, new steps built by none other than Terry & that patio furniture I mentioned.

BUT it is all worth it when you just stop everything and take Paxton down to the swimming beach and she JUMPS OFF the SWIMMING DOCK!! Not just once either, like over and over and over. She has a ball at camp and Granddaddy has let her drive the golf cart by herself. She really does quite well. She’s so tall, she easily reaches the pedals.

Our garden is growing and the weeds are right behind. The squash is coming in and the peppers must be on the most fertile soil. I have sweet peppers coming out my ears. I have some Coriander I am going to try to figure out how to preserve. Daddy brought me a gallon of Blueberries and I made jelly out of them. It is delicious! Made a small batch of salsa with tomatoes from our very own plants. It will be extra yummy! Bread making is still a hit and miss. Usually the taste is good, it’s just the texture and density that is not consistent.

We are counting the days till our Disney trip. I have booked our dinning and we were excited to get reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table. That trip is the first of October.

Paxton is going to do another few days of swimming lessons with some friends from church. This instructor will hopefully incorporate some rescue swimming into the lessons too. The we will have one week of no lessons and I refuse to add anything to the calendar that week.

James, Sarah & Paxton

The second week of August kicks in and I hope to start more formal class schedule and Paxton’s dance lessons for start. She has done a few weeks of tumbling they finish this week. Dance this year will be a combination of Ballet, Jazz and Tumble. Miss Amy will be the teacher again and two of the girls from her class last year are in the class along with a friend from church. I dread dance this year as we are taking in the late afternoon and there will be LOTS of other kids and moms there at the same time. We have been lucky the last two years to have class mid-morning and about five girls in the class. I think right now there are 10 in the class.
I am going to take Tap lessons again this year and my classes start the following week on Tuesday evenings.

The Houston County Fair will be here before we know it and there is lots to do in preparation for it. We will start meeting weekly and or bi weekly next week. So before we even turn around our Fall is schedule is full. It may be months before I blog again! ; )


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