This week in the life of us….

We have been busy, but not much out of the ordinary has been going on. Nothing has seemed worthy of putting into words.

This week there will be a few changes. Terry has been moved to second shift. So starting on Tuesday, he will have to be a work at 3:00 p.m. This will probably alter Paxton & my schedule a bit during the morning. We will certainly miss him in the evenings. Especially with the dark of evening coming earlier and earlier, it will be lonely here in the evenings without him at home with us. We have a busy schedule, so I am sure we will manage to keep busy.

Paxton is very pleased with herself. She is beginning to read some simple words. I am thrilled. It has given me a boost, maybe I can teach her something? We are getting her ready to audition for the Christmas play, with our local theatre group. I am trying to convince her to recite Psalms 23. She needs something for recitation for her audition monologue. She wants to say her own thing, but reluctantly agreed to learn the Psalms for her school work. She plans to sing the Sugarland song for her audition too. I’ll post again, when I know if we have a part.


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