Fair Update

This is my favorite photo from the fair…. ok, so I’m a bit partial, but doesn’t this say a lot. I wish you could see all these photos, they were taken by a local photographer here in Erin, Michele Conwell. She got some fabulous shots of other children on this dragon ride.
Overall and from the outside the Fair was a huge success. We had so many great folks come out to help us during the three days. We received great support from our local businesses as well. We had a bit of inopportune rain on Thursday and Saturday that hurt a bit, but overall attendance was good. We were also fighting a huge outbreak of the flu. The schools had an 18% absentee rate on Friday, so I am sure that didn’t help.
Our baby pageant and opening ceremony was a great start to the weekend. We had 9 babies participate. Sure am glad I don’t have to judge that! The High School Band played and the Youth Choir sang. Both did a wonderful job. The rain cut the ridding out a bit short on Thursday evening.
Friday was a pleasant day, but it looked a bit foreboding at the start. Our Mud Drag was well attended and they had several trucks to participate. Mud was not in short supply! The kids had a ball at the kids rodeo digging for money in the hay!
Saturday was a whirlwind of activity. Something going on everywhere! New event this year was an archery shoot. It was well attended by the children, some of the older folks, must have stayed in the woods. They had a variety of targets set up and were helping the children shoot. Paxton loved it. She hit the turkey and the bear. Our car show didn’t have as many cars as we would like, those folks don’t come out if its a chance of rain. The rodeo was a good event, but rain at 6:00 p.m. didn’t help us at all and it was a small crowd. We got to see some of our local folks run barrels and team rope.
We are totally exhausted and still trying to get caught up on our rest both physically and mentally. Paxton worked very hard again this year helping to get things ready. She must have rode a 100 miles on her trike getting around the grounds. She spent most of the weekend with Mims. That was a big help, keeping her on a somewhat regular schedule. Momma substitute taught for me for a couple days too. That helped us not get too far behind.
Paxton came home with some ribbons. She won two blues for her artwork, white for her eggs and sweet peppers. It was a joint effort on the canning and we got blues for our blackberry and blueberry jellies, red on our salsa, white on our green beans. She and Cooper placed third in the costume class and she got a trophy! So we were pleased!
Now we have to clean up, put up at home and then get it all packed to head out to Disney. We can’t wait. Paxton has already started to ask… “Is this the day we leave?”

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