Chef Paxton

Chef Paxton

Not much has really been post worthy lately, but today has been a BIG day.

The ‘little girl’ banister came down. We had installed an extension on the banister going upstairs, shortly after she learned to walk, so it would be safer for Pax to climb. We probably could have taken it down a few months ago, but today was the day we finally got the tools out.

And at last Paxton can TIE her OWN SHOES!! That has been a big hairy deal! I would like to think I can take credit?? but really I think her friend Lyrin made the ‘bells’ go off. I have been trying to show her and say it, but she just couldn’t find the ‘hole’ the rabbit goes into. She and Lyrin were in her room talking one day as Lyrin was getting ready to leave. I think Lyrin was showing Paxton how she does it. Anyway the next day, Paxton could do it!


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