Fancy Nancy Book Release

I just love this picture! It was an accidental snap, but what a lucky shot.
Saturday Paxton and I and her friend Lyrin went to Borders Books on West End, for a book release party for the new Christmas Fancy Nancy book.The girls were dressed in their best Fancy Nancy attire and away we went. The new story was great and the were able to do a fun craft. It included making a paper chain. On the chain they were asked to write things they were thankful for. I was so proud of both girls. Neither had any trouble of thinking of things they were thankful for. They were both thankful for true blessings, such as family, friends, frogs, bees, horses…. not silly or material things.They both worked hard and did a great job with their handwriting. I would help them spell the words and they both did their own writing. We lucked up and it was a WONDERFUL Fall day. We went to McD’s and got our lunch to go and ate over at Centennial Park. The park was full of folks, but they both got ample time to slide and slide and slide…..

How blessed I am to get to spend days like these with my child. I hope she remembers them for many years.


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  1. Hattie

    Shannon, From reading your blog, I have no doubt that you are daily creating wonderful memories with Paxton that will last both of you a lifetime! Paxton is so blessed with a mother like you. And you are sooo blessed with that darling daughter!

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