Up Goes the Christmas Tree.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving. We managed to stuff our bellies twice on Thanksgiving day and fellowship with many of our family. Paxton had a full day playing with cousins and second cousins with a quick nap during travel between. Her favorite dishes this year were the sausage balls and carmel pie. In my opinion EVERYthing was delicious and just to be certain, I had seconds of some dishes.

Terry left Friday morning to go to Kentucky deer hunting with some friends. So far it has not been a successful trip. Paxton and I ventured out hunting Black Friday. We spent most of our time in McKay’s Books then had a “girls” lunch at Red Robin. Our favorite place Fugiyama’s was closed, we were both disappointed, but RR was pretty good.

We have had a few days off from our rehearsals during Thanksgiving. I hope everyone’s memory holds on to all we had rehearsed, we only have four rehearsals till SHOW TIME! So once Monday rolls around… we’ll be hard at it for the next week.

SO… while we had time AND while I had “ELF” laborers… up went the Christmas tree today.

Hannah and Laken were over and the girls had a “ball” decorating. They did a great job and helped clean up too!

I even have presents wrapped! WOW… I am further along than expected. I’ll have to check my list twice….


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