Preparations for Santa.

Well today has been a great day at home mostly.  Terry spent most of yesterday in the ER in Erin and in Dickson.  After more than 10 hours, we don’t know any more than we did when we left, but at least there is no more pain.  Possible Gall Bladder troubles or cholesterol meds causing trouble with liver…but anyway….

Today has been spent together at home.  We even did some schooling, much to Paxton’s dislike.  She wasn’t buying the fact that she got off a couple extra days earlier in the week… all she knew was it is Christmas EVE… this is SPECIAL time and I should have the JOY in my HEART and not make her do school.  She is quite the debator!.. Wonder what she’d say if I suggest school tomorrow right after presents!  LOL

Terry had to work this evening, so Paxton and I attended a Christmas service with some friends of ours.  It has become a tradition and we enjoy the opportunity to reflect on all the meanings of the holiday.

As soon as we got home though it was down to business… time to make THE cookies.

 She is SUCH  a HAM!

writing our letter to let Santa know there is hay in the barn for the reindeer.

Cookies are ready… just gotta go get the milk!

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