Tooth Fairy stopping at Harris house tonight!

This morning was a BIG day in the Harris family. Pea lost her first tooth. This is such a landmark in growing up in her eyes. She had questioned the dentist at her last check up about when would this happen. He told her it was early yet and would probably be another year. (so momma thought too!)

I surely didn’t know anything was loose and Pea only said this morning AFTER pulling it that she “told me yesterday” that her tooth hurt eating her Subway sandwich. Did she really tell me that???

Anyway… first thing this morning she stops in her tracks leaving her bedroom and says, “Wait Momma, I feel something.” Next thing I know she’s holding out her tooth to me!! I am sure my jaw dropped! Of course we had to wake Daddy & show him.

She was quite proud of herself and had lots of questions about how things would work now, how’s she gonna eat, will it hurt, does she have to use her toothbrush, does she even have to brush, when’s the new tooth coming, what’s it gonna look like, will it bleed anymore, when’s the tooth fairy coming, do we have to write her a letter??????

So at church today she shows everyone and you could even tell by her carriage, she felt older. She went home with her friend Lyrin as planned. She barely said goodbye in her excitement to go with Lyrin.

On the way home….. I cried! What a bummer day for me!


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