Snow Day

We now have what I would consider a “good” snow. The grass & leaves are completely covered. You can walk in the snow and make deep tracks. The roads are pretty rough, even though they got them salted before the snow fell. We’ll be here till at least Tuesday I figure. Glad it came on the weekend.

Paxton claimed it as the “Best day of my life.” yesterday. We had enough snow to make a snowman and to sled and to make snow cream. Our snowman was the equivalent of a dwarf, but we both got tired of the process before he got too tall.

We don’t have a sled. Do we really need one for no more snow than we get each year? It would just take up space in the barn and collect dirt daubers. But this is a pretty good snow….. so being the Southern Rednecks we are ….. we made do with what we had. A feed sack and a rope. You’d be surprised… these are not the feed sacks from your grandpa’s day. It was a ball…. well except for the part where I had to do the pulling!

The snow cream was delicious!! I made sure it was white snow, clean untrodden & I hope it had snowed long enough to get all the “global warming” pollutants ou t of the sky. : ) Now that was a great treat. We may have to have some more today.

By the time we came back in the mittens were crusty with snow, the cheeks a rosy glow and the toes and fingers tingly!


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