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Lunch at Loveless Cafe

 Paxton and I got off the beaten path today. ( don’t ask…), but landed in the parking lot of THE Loveless Cafe.  One of Paxton’s favorite things to do is to eat “in” a restaurant.  So we stopped.  Yes, that is my plate of fried livers….NO, I did not manage to eat them all, but they will make for a great lunch again tomorrow. I was smart enough to ask for extra gravy to take home too!  The food was delicious, I can see why their reputation goes far and wide.

Not sure Paxton ever really understood what the Loveless used to be, but she loved all the pictures on the wall and the little shops.  Maybe one day we will make it back when there is entertainment going on.


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Tea Party

We just have absolutely the BEST Library & Staff of anywhere.  Today they hosted a Valentine Tea Party for the storytime kids.  It was complete with fancy decorations, fancy food, tea cups and tea served from tea pots.
Olivia & Paxton using Pinky Etiquette.
Preparations began last week with the making of the Valentine boxes. Mrs. Kaye had a variety of decorations and the mayhem and gluing began.  The results were beautiful!
Then they were stuffed with colorful sentiments of fond friendship.
     Everyone came dressed in their finest and waited patiently for the delicacy to be served.
Isn’t this a great looking group!

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Snow Day

We now have what I would consider a “good” snow. The grass & leaves are completely covered. You can walk in the snow and make deep tracks. The roads are pretty rough, even though they got them salted before the snow fell. We’ll be here till at least Tuesday I figure. Glad it came on the weekend.

Paxton claimed it as the “Best day of my life.” yesterday. We had enough snow to make a snowman and to sled and to make snow cream. Our snowman was the equivalent of a dwarf, but we both got tired of the process before he got too tall.

We don’t have a sled. Do we really need one for no more snow than we get each year? It would just take up space in the barn and collect dirt daubers. But this is a pretty good snow….. so being the Southern Rednecks we are ….. we made do with what we had. A feed sack and a rope. You’d be surprised… these are not the feed sacks from your grandpa’s day. It was a ball…. well except for the part where I had to do the pulling!

The snow cream was delicious!! I made sure it was white snow, clean untrodden & I hope it had snowed long enough to get all the “global warming” pollutants ou t of the sky. : ) Now that was a great treat. We may have to have some more today.

By the time we came back in the mittens were crusty with snow, the cheeks a rosy glow and the toes and fingers tingly!

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Today we made pretzels. It’s cold outside and with the snow on the ground, seems like all we want to do is GRAZE. What better to graze on than some BREAD!!

I found the recipe on another blog, Frugal Upstate, seemed easy enough and it was!! We wouldn’t win any awards for ‘Pretty’. They didn’t pretzel out very well. The last batch we just ended up making sticks. (it didn’t affect the taste!) We tried both the salty and the cinnamon versions. It was a hard call to say which was best. If we had just had some cheese to dip a few in too!!

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Fancy Nancy Book Release

I just love this picture! It was an accidental snap, but what a lucky shot.
Saturday Paxton and I and her friend Lyrin went to Borders Books on West End, for a book release party for the new Christmas Fancy Nancy book.The girls were dressed in their best Fancy Nancy attire and away we went. The new story was great and the were able to do a fun craft. It included making a paper chain. On the chain they were asked to write things they were thankful for. I was so proud of both girls. Neither had any trouble of thinking of things they were thankful for. They were both thankful for true blessings, such as family, friends, frogs, bees, horses…. not silly or material things.They both worked hard and did a great job with their handwriting. I would help them spell the words and they both did their own writing. We lucked up and it was a WONDERFUL Fall day. We went to McD’s and got our lunch to go and ate over at Centennial Park. The park was full of folks, but they both got ample time to slide and slide and slide…..

How blessed I am to get to spend days like these with my child. I hope she remembers them for many years.

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Houston We Have a Problem

We have been in blur of busy around here getting ready to go on our trip. In fact maybe we should go on trips more often. We have been finishing up some small ‘honeydews’. Terry wanted to get the bush-hogging finished at the farm and get the tractor back home before we left. Good idea! Well in the middle of my ‘getting ready’ I get a phone call…. “Honey, I have a problem.”

Boy would I say. After spending 15 minutes at home looking for log chains that were already on the truck with the tractor, off Paxton & I went to the rescue. The poor tractor was buried up and headed for a Sycamore sapling. But never fear with a small pull ‘ole Jerry red’ came right out of the ruts!Neither Terry nor the tractor suffered any worse for the wear and he was able to finish the bush-hogging job.

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Dove Shoot

Monday, Terry’s brother invited us to come over to their field for a Dove hunt. We usually get to go once a year. We had a big time it was a field full of Harris’. I managed to take two birds and shoot less than a box of shells. There is something refreshing about just sitting in a field. Of course the refreshing part ended when the nats started attacking and then after about 45 minutes Paxton says, “Momma, there’s a tick on my arm.” I looked and the poor child is covered in seed ticks! They made lunch out of her arms and legs.

Terry patiently waiting.

Hailey stopped by the field for message and tick spray delivery.

Hannah using the fast mode of travel through the field.

Pea & Daddy, the most patient hunters!

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