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Valentines Party

Valentines is another FUN holiday and this one has been no different.  But not unlike the rest of the holidays in recent years, it didn’t get celebrated on the actual day.  Ours was celebrated today on the 13th.  Paxton had a party at church with the youth group. Our Youth Leaders do a great job and work hard at it.  The older set of the group went bowling, while the younger set stayed at the church building and made a craft, watched UP and played games.  I didn’t get as many pictures as usual, I was too busy playing and eating too!!
In the middle of all the other things going on the older youth were in the building working on their service project. They made cupcakes and cards for the widows.  Allison,  Laurie and Hannah are working hard on their icing technique.
One of the games we played was to see who could stack the most conversation hearts in a timed race.  The boys got creative and smart and made platforms and built stable towers.
This one is Emily’s.  Hers was pretty and stable and had a LOT of hearts in it, which was the goal.  The boys were also upset, because she beat them at bowling.  They claimed she cheated because she had the bumpers up.  We just figured she was smarter for taking that option!
Wish I had taken a picture of the young ones making their craft.  They made paper heart wreaths.  I also introduced them to a cake walk.  What fun that was!  We actually made it a ‘prize’ walk.  I had a basket of ‘happy meal’ toys and we used those for prizes instead of cakes.
In the evening, Paxton went with Mims and Paps to the Renaissance Center to see the Mandy Barnet Show. They had a wonderful evening.  Paxton and Mims are big Mandy fans.  Paxton got Mandy’s autograph and gave her a special Valentine.  Terry and I had an equally wonderful time here in the Big City.  We went to see the Houston County Community Theatre’s production of Some Enchanted Evening.  It was a dinner and musical show.  It is some of the best entertainment and it’s here in our back yard!

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Preparations for Santa.

Well today has been a great day at home mostly.  Terry spent most of yesterday in the ER in Erin and in Dickson.  After more than 10 hours, we don’t know any more than we did when we left, but at least there is no more pain.  Possible Gall Bladder troubles or cholesterol meds causing trouble with liver…but anyway….

Today has been spent together at home.  We even did some schooling, much to Paxton’s dislike.  She wasn’t buying the fact that she got off a couple extra days earlier in the week… all she knew was it is Christmas EVE… this is SPECIAL time and I should have the JOY in my HEART and not make her do school.  She is quite the debator!.. Wonder what she’d say if I suggest school tomorrow right after presents!  LOL

Terry had to work this evening, so Paxton and I attended a Christmas service with some friends of ours.  It has become a tradition and we enjoy the opportunity to reflect on all the meanings of the holiday.

As soon as we got home though it was down to business… time to make THE cookies.

 She is SUCH  a HAM!

writing our letter to let Santa know there is hay in the barn for the reindeer.

Cookies are ready… just gotta go get the milk!

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Christmas Celebrations

Well the celebrations started last week and we have just continued from then on.  Last Saturday we met in Goodletsville with Momma’s family.  It has been a tradition for some time that we all gather on the Saturday before Christmas. As with any family gather the food is delicious and the time too short.  Aunt Jo always works HARD to make our celebrations fun and this year was no different.
She had the place decorated for us and games and presents for the children.  We are still deciding who is the biggest MONKEY in the family.
Annabell and Pax are among the youngest and they just have a blast.
Frosty and Frosty Jr came again this year.
and Mr & Mrs Claus made their grand appearance.
Sunday we celebrated with Terry’s family.  It worked out best with everyone’s schedule to go ahead and do the presents then.  We will enjoy a Christmas Day lunch with them as well. Of course it was a fun evening with the kids opening hordes of gifts from Granny & Granddaddy.
Present opening is hard work!
Thankfully everyone still likes playing with dolls.
We ended the evening by going to church with the children and watching their Christmas play.  They did a wonderful job.
not sure how they got the part, but Laken & Hannah were angels?

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Santa’s visit

Off we went Saturday with 90% of the rest of Nashville to the Opry Mills Mall and to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa.  It was a hour wait, but I must say it was endured very well. Of course the hour wait only resulted in a 30 second visit with Santa, but I think the main items on the list were conveyed.

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Last Rehearsal…..

Well tonight is GRAND Dress Rehearsal… that means we do it all just like there was an audience and see what happens!

It is truly amazing how things pull together. It seemed at one point that things would never flow… but we have had three good rehearsals with EVERYONE in the cast present. That makes a world of difference.

Unfortunately our Director, Nancy Nave has been out the last two due to illness. We hope to really impress her tonight with our progress!

Paxton has really done well, to get herself taken care of and ask for help from others when she needs it. I am struggling to remember my own parts and she has hers down pat.

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Up Goes the Christmas Tree.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving. We managed to stuff our bellies twice on Thanksgiving day and fellowship with many of our family. Paxton had a full day playing with cousins and second cousins with a quick nap during travel between. Her favorite dishes this year were the sausage balls and carmel pie. In my opinion EVERYthing was delicious and just to be certain, I had seconds of some dishes.

Terry left Friday morning to go to Kentucky deer hunting with some friends. So far it has not been a successful trip. Paxton and I ventured out hunting Black Friday. We spent most of our time in McKay’s Books then had a “girls” lunch at Red Robin. Our favorite place Fugiyama’s was closed, we were both disappointed, but RR was pretty good.

We have had a few days off from our rehearsals during Thanksgiving. I hope everyone’s memory holds on to all we had rehearsed, we only have four rehearsals till SHOW TIME! So once Monday rolls around… we’ll be hard at it for the next week.

SO… while we had time AND while I had “ELF” laborers… up went the Christmas tree today.

Hannah and Laken were over and the girls had a “ball” decorating. They did a great job and helped clean up too!

I even have presents wrapped! WOW… I am further along than expected. I’ll have to check my list twice….

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A Star is Born Again

Mark your calendars!! Paxton will be in the Houston County Community Theatre’s production of a “Christmas Carol”. She will be a school child, street child, want and flower child. If you ask her, she’s staring in the show! I am not sure there are even any lines she has to say, but it really doesn’t matter to her. It’s about being on stage and being with her Theatre friends.
I have been asked to be the Stage Manager. I don’t know what the job requirements are for this, but if they’re willing to give me a try, I’m willing to give the job a try.

So, please don’t ask us to do, go, help or anything out of the ordinary for November. Every night of the calendar is full. But we can’t wait for the excitement to start next week!

Play dates are December 4, 5, 6.

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