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Playing "Stump the Chumps"

I played ‘Stump the Chumps’ this week.

I stopped by the doctor’s office to inquire about the cost of a proceedure. The conversation went something like this> ( you’ll have to read the inflections in voice, in yourself)

Me: I would like to find out an APPROXIMATE cost of XXX procedure.
Them: IDK?!! You’ll have to call your insurance.
Me: So, how will my insurance know how much YOU charge?
Them: Do you ‘have’ insurance?
Me: Yes, BCBS.
Them: WELL, do you have a copay?
Me: No Ma’am.
Them: Do you have a deductible that pays 80/20.
Me: Yes, Ma’am.
Them: Well ‘then’, you’ll pay 20%.
Me: (VERY politely) Yes, I understand that, the part I don’t know is 20% of WHAT amount??
Them: I don’t know how much procedures cost, you’ll have to see Dr. XXXX.
Me: OK, could you please tell me how much a Dr.’s office visit is?
Them: Well, it runs anywhere from $43- $250……



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Election Thoughts

This is copied from another Blog I read. Girl Talk, see the link on the right sidebar. I think it helps to put things in perspective. We give too much credit to man… to think that one elected offical can do it all. It is GOD that is in control. We need to continually pray for those elected officials though…..

Here in America all the talk is about the election. But what does the church need to understand at a time like this? John Piper answers this important question from a biblical perspective: “We don’t live for politics,” he insists, “we don’t base our confidence about the future on whoever gets elected.” Click below to watch the entire video.

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