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Tooth Fairy stopping at Harris house tonight!

This morning was a BIG day in the Harris family. Pea lost her first tooth. This is such a landmark in growing up in her eyes. She had questioned the dentist at her last check up about when would this happen. He told her it was early yet and would probably be another year. (so momma thought too!)

I surely didn’t know anything was loose and Pea only said this morning AFTER pulling it that she “told me yesterday” that her tooth hurt eating her Subway sandwich. Did she really tell me that???

Anyway… first thing this morning she stops in her tracks leaving her bedroom and says, “Wait Momma, I feel something.” Next thing I know she’s holding out her tooth to me!! I am sure my jaw dropped! Of course we had to wake Daddy & show him.

She was quite proud of herself and had lots of questions about how things would work now, how’s she gonna eat, will it hurt, does she have to use her toothbrush, does she even have to brush, when’s the new tooth coming, what’s it gonna look like, will it bleed anymore, when’s the tooth fairy coming, do we have to write her a letter??????

So at church today she shows everyone and you could even tell by her carriage, she felt older. She went home with her friend Lyrin as planned. She barely said goodbye in her excitement to go with Lyrin.

On the way home….. I cried! What a bummer day for me!


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Preparations for Santa.

Well today has been a great day at home mostly.  Terry spent most of yesterday in the ER in Erin and in Dickson.  After more than 10 hours, we don’t know any more than we did when we left, but at least there is no more pain.  Possible Gall Bladder troubles or cholesterol meds causing trouble with liver…but anyway….

Today has been spent together at home.  We even did some schooling, much to Paxton’s dislike.  She wasn’t buying the fact that she got off a couple extra days earlier in the week… all she knew was it is Christmas EVE… this is SPECIAL time and I should have the JOY in my HEART and not make her do school.  She is quite the debator!.. Wonder what she’d say if I suggest school tomorrow right after presents!  LOL

Terry had to work this evening, so Paxton and I attended a Christmas service with some friends of ours.  It has become a tradition and we enjoy the opportunity to reflect on all the meanings of the holiday.

As soon as we got home though it was down to business… time to make THE cookies.

 She is SUCH  a HAM!

writing our letter to let Santa know there is hay in the barn for the reindeer.

Cookies are ready… just gotta go get the milk!

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"A Christmas Carol" had a great run!

We had a great run of our show.  EVERYONE did a great job, but honestly, I think Pax was the ONLY one who was asked for an autograph!!

I was honored to recieve the chalice. (the hat on my head)  It is awarded the first night by the director to a cast or crew member, then that person passes it on and so forth each night of the show.  The last person to recieve it, gets to keep it.  It is a great honor to be given this by your peers.

Here is a photo of the entire cast and crew,
and a close up of the CrAzY kids!
They were a great group that was willing to work hard and listen!
Paxton and I appreciate all who were able to come out to the show to support us! 
We hope to get do another show soon!

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Last Rehearsal…..

Well tonight is GRAND Dress Rehearsal… that means we do it all just like there was an audience and see what happens!

It is truly amazing how things pull together. It seemed at one point that things would never flow… but we have had three good rehearsals with EVERYONE in the cast present. That makes a world of difference.

Unfortunately our Director, Nancy Nave has been out the last two due to illness. We hope to really impress her tonight with our progress!

Paxton has really done well, to get herself taken care of and ask for help from others when she needs it. I am struggling to remember my own parts and she has hers down pat.

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Chef Paxton

Chef Paxton

Not much has really been post worthy lately, but today has been a BIG day.

The ‘little girl’ banister came down. We had installed an extension on the banister going upstairs, shortly after she learned to walk, so it would be safer for Pax to climb. We probably could have taken it down a few months ago, but today was the day we finally got the tools out.

And at last Paxton can TIE her OWN SHOES!! That has been a big hairy deal! I would like to think I can take credit?? but really I think her friend Lyrin made the ‘bells’ go off. I have been trying to show her and say it, but she just couldn’t find the ‘hole’ the rabbit goes into. She and Lyrin were in her room talking one day as Lyrin was getting ready to leave. I think Lyrin was showing Paxton how she does it. Anyway the next day, Paxton could do it!

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A Star is Born Again

Mark your calendars!! Paxton will be in the Houston County Community Theatre’s production of a “Christmas Carol”. She will be a school child, street child, want and flower child. If you ask her, she’s staring in the show! I am not sure there are even any lines she has to say, but it really doesn’t matter to her. It’s about being on stage and being with her Theatre friends.
I have been asked to be the Stage Manager. I don’t know what the job requirements are for this, but if they’re willing to give me a try, I’m willing to give the job a try.

So, please don’t ask us to do, go, help or anything out of the ordinary for November. Every night of the calendar is full. But we can’t wait for the excitement to start next week!

Play dates are December 4, 5, 6.

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Disney Trip

Wow, I meant to blog each day about our trip, but as all things Disney… nothing was free and Internet connection was costly. So finally I am trying to remember and summarize our FABULOUS trip!
I think this one photo says it all! I wish I could have caught the changes in her expression in succession as she watched this show’s story unfold.

In our excitement we managed to drive all the way in one long day. I was able to get us an extra night at our hotel and then we didn’t have to unload and move again on Monday. I was glad. That way Monday morning we were ready to head out. No wasting time!

So we hit Animal Kingdom first. It was a nice park and probably rates third on our list of favorites.
We saw many animals, as in a zoo and then lots of Disney extras, like the ambiance. Each area impersonated a specific country or region. The Tree of Life was spectacular and the Bugs Life 3-D show held there was neat. We snagged lots of signatures at the end of the day, before we left the park. It was a full day, but we still didn’t see it all.
Tuesday we were up EARLY we had breakfast reservations at Ohana’s, at the Polynesian Resort. It was a delicious breakfast and Paxton spotted the “Castle” from afar. We had great interactions with Pluto & Stitch, Mickey & Lilo. We went back to our room and got our gear to head out to the Magic Kingdom. That park rated number one on everyone’s picks. We had pretty good timing that day. Daisy Duck was just getting to Main Street as we came in and as we approached the Castle a show was starting in front of it. Ride waits weren’t too long, but boy was it HOT. Orlando area was having record highs for October. It was in the mid 90’s all week. We hit many of the main rides and late in the afternoon Paxton changed into her Snow White dress and we got our Trick or Treat tickets and the park really started to change. There were so many folks dressed up. The adults really got into it as well. We talked to one lady in a line dressed as Snow White and Paxton just KNEW she was the real thing. We couldn’t take a photo with her or it would get her in trouble. But here’s one with Paxton and the Evil Witch from Snow White.

We made it to the parade route, but too late to get a spot that we could really see things well. But the crowd moved around after the parade and we got a good spot to see the Villains show on the Castle stage. Paxton loved that and her interaction with the ‘Witch’ . When she got back from talking with her Paxton said, “Momma, she thinks I am really Snow White!”

By Wednesday we were starting to slow down, but even after an early morning and late night the day before it was hard to sleep late. Just too much excitement. We headed out for Epcot and by the time we reached the park, Pax was asking if we could get one of those strollers. I was secretly ready to get a stroller to tote the backpack. That thing got heavy fast. We had to pack our dress again, because later that evening we had dinner planned with the Princess’. Epcot rated bottom on our list of favorites, but it had by far one of the COOLEST rides, Soarin’. All my Facebook friends were sending notes to be sure and ride that one so Paxton & I did. Terry sat this one out for fear of getting motion sickness. There was also a really cute Nemo show there too.

Dinner with the Princess was in the Norway area and was splendid. I wasn’t sure we could hold out till then, but it was well worth it. The meal was delicious and the princess were all so sweet to Paxton. She was treated to a fancy cupcake and a birthday card signed by them all. A spectacular ending!
Thursday, we headed out to Hollywood Studios. It was getting harder to take everything in. We saw some favorite characters and some neat shows. We didn’t ride too many rides there. The Muppet 3D show was my favorite there. Not sure Pax understood all the humor, but she laughed right along. High School Musical show was a high point and getting a braid in Paxton’s hair ranked pretty high too. Here’s a picture of us under a ‘magical’ umbrella. It rained when you stood in the right spot and you can see the braid.

We headed over to Disney Downtown for dinner and a quick glance at what was in that area. Dinner was delicious. Pax was so tired she ate little and declined dessert that came with her meal. The waitress surprised Pax with a huge piece of chocolate cake topped with ice cream and a GLOWING TINKERBELL. We were really impressed by all the things made from Legos, at the Lego store. A quick souvenir stop and we were headed back to the motel.

We mustered all our strength and were up early again to have breakfast with the princess at THE Castle. It was also a treat to get into the park before it was really crowed and you could really appreciate all the little touches you can’t see with all the people. Breakfast was grand. Paxton got her own wand and wishing star, and a chocolate cake at breakfast to again celebrate her birthday!

We ended the day early and I think the swim in the hotel pool was just as fun for Paxton as all the parks! She made a friend to play with and it was a great day topped off with pizza in the room!

Saturday morn we were packed and on our way. As always it was great to pull in our own driveway and see our humble abode. Cinderella’s Castle just can’t hold a shine to HOME!

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