90 Days update

well… I am still doing my challenge to read the Bible in 90 Days, however I never thought that I’d be behind in the first week…

I knew realistically over the course of 90 days, I’d probably get behind at some time, just didn’t think it’d be so soon. There is a great group on Twitter to follow and get support from. On Monday’s there is TwitChat about the previous week’s reading. I bought the Bible in 90 Days version. It is a nice, hardback, Bible with the reading marked on the pages. It makes it nice to follow. Supposedly the success rate increases when you are using this version. I hope this is true!

I hope my next post can say… “I’m ahead”


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Tooth Fairy stopping at Harris house tonight!

This morning was a BIG day in the Harris family. Pea lost her first tooth. This is such a landmark in growing up in her eyes. She had questioned the dentist at her last check up about when would this happen. He told her it was early yet and would probably be another year. (so momma thought too!)

I surely didn’t know anything was loose and Pea only said this morning AFTER pulling it that she “told me yesterday” that her tooth hurt eating her Subway sandwich. Did she really tell me that???

Anyway… first thing this morning she stops in her tracks leaving her bedroom and says, “Wait Momma, I feel something.” Next thing I know she’s holding out her tooth to me!! I am sure my jaw dropped! Of course we had to wake Daddy & show him.

She was quite proud of herself and had lots of questions about how things would work now, how’s she gonna eat, will it hurt, does she have to use her toothbrush, does she even have to brush, when’s the new tooth coming, what’s it gonna look like, will it bleed anymore, when’s the tooth fairy coming, do we have to write her a letter??????

So at church today she shows everyone and you could even tell by her carriage, she felt older. She went home with her friend Lyrin as planned. She barely said goodbye in her excitement to go with Lyrin.

On the way home….. I cried! What a bummer day for me!

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Ringing in the New Years

Even though all the holidays we celebrate are one day events on the calendar, it seems as though it takes several days to celebrate them. So like Christmas and all the others, it took more than one day to celebrate the New Year.

Paxton and I spent New Year’s Eve with Mims & Paps and then she & I took an impromptu trip to the movies. We left planning to just see Alvin & the Chipmunks, but then I remembered our Q for the Princess and the Frog, so we decided, since it was a holiday, we’d celebrate big and see TWO movies in one night (can’t let a good Q go to waste!)!! What a night of indulgence it was!! We had TWO Big Buckets of popcorn and TWO Big Sprites, a LARGE Maggie Moo Waffle Cone and a LARGE Hot dog. I just knew one of us would get sick before the night was over. We just had a ball together. I love times spent like that. We both liked Alvin & the Chipmunks, it had funny scenes and good music. The Princess and the Frog I was a little disappointed in. I had been under the impression it was a ‘different’ princess tale, where hard work pays off…. but in the end, the gal got her dream because she married into money! But other than that it was a great Disney movie.

New Year’s Day was spent with the Harris family. We got filled with great food and fellowship. Paxton got the opportunity to spend some more time with her cousins. We probably stayed longer than expected because instead of taking leftovers home for dinner….. we were still there at dinnertime and we just ate again there.

I hope each of you have a wonderful new year and achieve all your goals.

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The Bible in 90 Days

    Bible in 90 Days

I am taking this challenge.  Come join me!  I figure even if I don’t make it 90 days or if it takes me 100 days, it’s a goal I haven’t yet achieved.  It will be a challenge to find time to make my brain stop to concentrate, but I will try.  Pray that I can stop the multi-tasking long enough to make this a habit and daily routine.
Please join me and the group of other online readers.
More info and support at Mom’s Toolbox

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Preparations for Santa.

Well today has been a great day at home mostly.  Terry spent most of yesterday in the ER in Erin and in Dickson.  After more than 10 hours, we don’t know any more than we did when we left, but at least there is no more pain.  Possible Gall Bladder troubles or cholesterol meds causing trouble with liver…but anyway….

Today has been spent together at home.  We even did some schooling, much to Paxton’s dislike.  She wasn’t buying the fact that she got off a couple extra days earlier in the week… all she knew was it is Christmas EVE… this is SPECIAL time and I should have the JOY in my HEART and not make her do school.  She is quite the debator!.. Wonder what she’d say if I suggest school tomorrow right after presents!  LOL

Terry had to work this evening, so Paxton and I attended a Christmas service with some friends of ours.  It has become a tradition and we enjoy the opportunity to reflect on all the meanings of the holiday.

As soon as we got home though it was down to business… time to make THE cookies.

 She is SUCH  a HAM!

writing our letter to let Santa know there is hay in the barn for the reindeer.

Cookies are ready… just gotta go get the milk!

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Christmas Celebrations

Well the celebrations started last week and we have just continued from then on.  Last Saturday we met in Goodletsville with Momma’s family.  It has been a tradition for some time that we all gather on the Saturday before Christmas. As with any family gather the food is delicious and the time too short.  Aunt Jo always works HARD to make our celebrations fun and this year was no different.
She had the place decorated for us and games and presents for the children.  We are still deciding who is the biggest MONKEY in the family.
Annabell and Pax are among the youngest and they just have a blast.
Frosty and Frosty Jr came again this year.
and Mr & Mrs Claus made their grand appearance.
Sunday we celebrated with Terry’s family.  It worked out best with everyone’s schedule to go ahead and do the presents then.  We will enjoy a Christmas Day lunch with them as well. Of course it was a fun evening with the kids opening hordes of gifts from Granny & Granddaddy.
Present opening is hard work!
Thankfully everyone still likes playing with dolls.
We ended the evening by going to church with the children and watching their Christmas play.  They did a wonderful job.
not sure how they got the part, but Laken & Hannah were angels?

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Santa’s visit

Off we went Saturday with 90% of the rest of Nashville to the Opry Mills Mall and to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa.  It was a hour wait, but I must say it was endured very well. Of course the hour wait only resulted in a 30 second visit with Santa, but I think the main items on the list were conveyed.

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