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our garden keeps growing….

Pax and I are so excited. Our garden has started to really grow. We are getting tons of sweet peppers and lots of leaf lettuce. Now the cucumbers are coming in and we got two ripe tomatoes today! Yeah, ripe tomatoes by the 4th of July! Now just waiting on the squash to start.
We went to the pasture this evening and picked a large pan of blackberries, YUM!! We might have had an extra large pan full, if we had not eaten so many as we picked and walked back to the house.

Momma was gracious enough to buy me a large box of fresh tomatoes and I made 21 pints of fresh salsa! I have been waiting ALL year for that salsa. I have so far consumed a pint a day. I better make more! I really missed her help this year making the salsa. She is a much faster slicer-dicer-chopper than I.

I think I will look for a sweet pepper jelly recipe and tomorrow try to make that and some blackberry jam.


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First Fruits

We have reaped the first fruits from our garden!! I was probably the most excited. Ok .. so it was only ONE strawberry, but wow what moment. There are runners on the vines and two more blooms. It looks like things are gearing up.

An just for an update, here is a photo of the girls in their costumes on picture day.

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